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Tomas, co-founder and CEO, began his career in the music industry as composer and bass player. After touring in Colombia and the US with his band, he began to get involved with tech and design which led to Stereotheque. Based on his (and many of his colleagues') frustrations about the job market in the creative industries and being unable to network with other interesting people around the world, he began to work on Stereotheque.

He met with Kristian, an accordeon enthusiast, computer scientist and machine learning expert, through a common friend, making this an ideal partnership to tackle this problem. Along the way, others have joined the team, bringing a diverse and multi-faceted perspective to build Stereotheque.

Here's a brief timeline of our journey.

  • MIT Technology Review Award 11/2016
  • NYU Summer Accelerator 08/2017
  • Primavera Pro and Future Music Forum 09/2018
  • Partner Pilots and Beta 2019

The band.

kristian Diaz

Kristian Diaz

Co-founder and CTO

laura cardona

Laura Cardona

Head of Business, LatAm

juan soto

Juan Soto

VP, Sales & Marketing

valentina Estupiñan

Valentina Estupiñan

Content Manager

Maria Camila Pava

Maria Camila Pava

VP, Product

tomas Uribe

Tomas Uribe

Co-founder and CEO

michael gaitskell

Michael Gaitskell

Editor-in-Chief, Content

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