We’re musicians.

Amidst the current situation of the music industry, where the serendipitous feeling of discovering something new and awesome has become unimportant, we believe that context and history, in relation to technology can make the music industry great again (no pun intended). As musicians, we trust that technology and creative content can help folks connect with top industry professionals and learn more about the music industry to advance in their careers.

We’re part of history.

As diverse we can be, our multicultural heritage and music history is full of unraveled details. We want to shed light on important issues and how they relate to music, our culture, and our way of life.

We are Stereotheque

© Photo by Jena Cumbo

Tomás Uribe

CEO & Co-founder

Julian Duque

Julián Duque

COO & Co-founder

Guillermo Arenas

Guillermo Arenas

CMO & Co-founder

Kristian Diaz

Kristian Diaz

CTO & Co-founder

Nicolas Lopierre at Stereotheque

Nicolas Lopierre

Business Development Assistant