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Music meets artificial intelligence. With Stereotheque, you can go through time and discover unique musical connections and relevant content.

A new way to discover music

Music genres are a thing of the past

We believe in a world free of stereotypes, where one’s actions and soul speak louder than labels. We feel exactly the same way about music. For a long time, people have tried to categorize and box music, leaving no room for serendipity and the happiness that comes with this unexpected act of chance. This is why we have created Stereotheque. Explore music through music scenes based on location, music intelligence and relevant content.
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    Swipe through relevant content of the music scene your listening to
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    Enjoy a whole new layer of music discovery
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    Explore your local music scene based on your location
New York Music Scene

Music scenes

Your location. Your scene.

Music scenes are a cultural phenomenon made up of places, musicians and their audiences. They often refer to a specific time and place where the universe conspired to have a bunch of people get together and make great music. With Stereotheque, we want to bring these music scenes to life giving you the opportunity to discover amazing new artists, how they are connected to each other and their music.

The Team

An Extraordinary Assembly of Talent

© Photo by Jena Cumbo

Tomás Uribe

CEO & Co-founder

Julian Duque

Julián Duque

COO & Co-founder

Guillermo Arenas

Guillermo Arenas

CMO & Co-founder

Kristian Diaz

Kristian Diaz

CTO & Co-founder

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