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Stereotheque is a platform that helps musicians advance in their careers by offering networking opportunities, jobs in the music industry and in-depth music information.

Search. Connect. Network.

An intuitive platform for the modern musician.

You have the skills, the talent, the background, the education, the experience and the potential to succeed in the music industry. Now is the time to let the world know! We built a platform where music students can connect with each other and collaborate to create amazing projects. We’ll guide you through the way so you can fulfill your objectives!
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    Add your music projects and milestones in 3 easy steps
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    Connect with collaborators and explore their profiles
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    Discover the stories behind the music and share your milestones
Originality, innovation and contribution to trade were decisive for Stereotheque as winners of the competition
MIT Technology Review Editors, MIT Technology Review
The projection capacity of Stereotheque reflects the enormous potential of the creative industries in Latin America and the Caribbean, and its importance for cultural integration and regional connectivity.
News Releases, IADB
Stereotheque was among the Top 5 most innovative startups at Launch Finals at Techweek. These entrepreneurs were chosen out of a group of forty three competitors.
Cesar B. Duverge,
In a world cluttered with options to discover music and news, only companies that offer tools to fill the needs of their audience will be able to make a dent in this passionate yet difficult industry.
Kylie Simmons, Revolt TV
Revolt TV

Set yourself for success

Grow your network of professional musicians

Are you looking for a talented producer to work on your project? Are you an audio engineer looking to land that dream job?  Do you want to receive career advice from a role model? Are you looking for a mentor? Stereotheque is your one stop shop to advance your music career. Connect with top industry professionals and musicians.

The Hub at Stereotheque

The Hub

Your source for music content, news and entertainment.

The Hub at Stereotheque is your source for music content, news and entertainment from the world with a strong focus on music scenes and culture. We capture the ever-evolving culture of multicultural musicians across the US and Latin America with music and unique content.

The content we produce, collaborate on, and publish, is displayed in the News Feed of the Stereotheque app.

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